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We Retrofit!

Have an unfinished basement or attic? Or is the drywall already up?  Regardless of what you need:


Don't sweat give us a call!


Whether it's an HDMI cable you need behind your TV or a data wire to connect your TV or Gaming console to your router - Give us a call! We can have our professionals come out and take a look and see how we can satisfy your areas of concern!

We Retrofit:

- HDMI Cables

- Cat5E/Cat6E Data Wires

- Speaker Wires

- Coaxial/TV Cable

- IR 

Unfinished Basement/Attic?

Let us help you Finish Out that Basement or Attic you have. We rough in Speaker wires, Cat5E/6E Data wires, Coax, HDMI and even IR! 

Find out what else we can do for You!

Call or Email Us Today!

*Retrofitting depends on Homeowner's house design and can sometimes be considered unfit or non-doable by our professionals.

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